The Precision Impulse seismic source weighs less than 75 kilos. Easily carried by a two-man team, the device is rapidly transported from point to point and readily deployed without complex operational manipulations. The source’s unique detonation technology can deliver up to 60,000 pounds of seismic force directly to the subsurface. It features the industry’s broadest frequency spectrum, and at 30 feet produces a discreet 65 decibels with each shot.

The backhoe-mounted version of the source attaches to the digging arm of a standard JCB in less than 20 minutes. To maximize the broadband delivery of seismic energy and eliminate any bounce, the power generated by each shot of the source can be custom tailored to the hold-down weight of any delivery vehicle employed.

Seismic surveys constitute the most valuable measurement in the oil and gas industry. High-quality seismic data enables better visibility of the subsurface and thus delivers real value. An accurate survey can boost recovery in a producing reservoir by as much as 10%. At current oil prices, improving recovery by 10% in a 1 billion barrel field is worth more than $10 billion.

Until the arrival of Precision Impulse, the challenges of acquiring accurate seismic data in environmentally sensitive areas, transition zones (e.g. swamps and marshes), farmland, and mountainous and semi-populated areas, were insurmountable. Existing technologies were either incapable of accessing these zones or considered too dangerous to use.

Vibroseis trucks are heavy, expensive, harmful to the environment and prone to breakdown. Equally problematic, dynamite is slow to deploy, dangerous, loud and damaging to the environment.

Key features include:

  • Ultra-precise timing
  • Massive, scalable power
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Highly portable
  • Coherent, synchronous, repeatable
  • Broad band — <5 Hz to 200Hz
  • Can be attached to virtually any delivery vehicle