Larry Fullerton

Inventor and Partner

Larry Fullerton is a tireless explorer of our planet’s physical mysteries and an intrepid discoverer of their solutions. In 1974, at the very dawn of the computer age, Fullerton created one of the world’s first micro-processors, which was used to automate all manufacturing processes for a large paper mill, thereby slashing the company’s labor costs and launching a global trend in automated industrial manufacturing. He was 24 years old.

In 1977 Fullerton went to work at the NASA rocketry and spacecraft propulsion research center in Huntsville, Alabama, where he helped correct critical interface and control problems affecting the US space shuttle program. Just eight months later, with a commendation from NASA’s director in hand, Fullerton left to start his own company.

Since that day in 1980, Larry Fullerton has been awarded more than 500 patents from the US and international patent offices—for inventions ranging from high-resolution radar to covert wireless communications to programmable magnetic devices and armor capable of resisting rocket-propelled grenades. He has won several prestigious awards for his inventions, including the HOBY Inspiration Award, and in 2010 he was named one of America’s 100 Most Creative People in Business by the consumer magazine Fast Company. In the state of Alabama, which boasts one of the country’s highest concentrations of technology companies, Larry Fullerton made the 2010 list of the top four patent holders, sharing honors with NASA itself, AT&T and the US Army. Today, the dauntless inventor is focusing his efforts on the revolutionary seismic technology now being offered by Precision Impulse Technologies, his latest commercial endeavor.

Jim Teel

Managing Partner

  • Early-stage investor in numerous technology-related ventures including fixed wireless cable, broadband and cellular.
  • Served as District President for IKON Office Solutions where he had full P&L responsibility for an operation with sales exceeding $300 million.
  • Served as President and CEO of Teel Business Systems, a full-line Canon Ricoh copier dealer with offices throughout the mid-south. Teel Business Systems was sold to IKON Office Solutions

Will Davie


  • Founded advisory company on oil and gas marketing and technology strategy and related corporate finance.
  • 32 years experience in global oil and gas industry dealing with oilfield service, international and national oil and gas companies and investors around the world.
  • Started as a Schlumberger wireline engineer in North Africa in 1981 and was rapidly appointed field test coordinator for many new technology services including VSP field testing in the Sahara desert. Last position was Group Chief Economist advising the Board of Schlumberger and working directly for the Chairman and CEO.
  • Future energy technology, energy strategy and macro trends speechwriting for Schlumberger Chairmen and CEOs between 1998 and 2008.
  • Experienced with technology collaboration between oil companies and service sector including global agreements between Schlumberger and BP in 1996 and Petronas in 1995. Agreements resulted in the development of new technology services generating billions of dollars of value.
  • Global Account Director responsible for leading Schlumberger global oilfield services provision for BP. In two years BP became Schlumberger’s largest customer (in 1997) up from sixth.